Aurosa Lifestyle Beer has always been somewhat of a peculiarity within the Czech beer market. We always wanted to do things differently, with respect to our tradition, to our culture, while seeking to provide an added value. That’s why we partnered up with Maternity and Family Center Sluníčko Vsetín and we’ve been supporting their activities since the very launch of our brand. Our collaboration brought forth elegant bracelets that were made with love and care under the patronage of the Center.

Aurosa donates to the Center 100 CZK from every purchase, knowing that any contribution will bring a smile to someone’s face or make it easier to purchase a toy or necessary equipment.

Aurosa bracelets are handcrafted from natural stone and come in black and white matching the iconic colors of our flagship products Aurosa #beerforher and Aurosa Gold. Customers can choose between luxurious unpolished white marble and enigmatic black lava stone.


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