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Aurosa Lifestyle beer ®

Embrace the feminine magic. Aurosa #beerforher brings a new approach to the traditionally masculine industry – a fusion of a girl’s tenderness and the unrestrained strength of a woman. The first beer for women is here to challenge the status quo and serves all those non-conforming females who refuse to follow the crowd. The elegant designer bottle holds a strong, nonfiltered, semi-dark lager that surprises with its caramel overtone accompanied by refined bitterness.

Aurosa #beerforher is a celebration of all women, of our uniqueness, successfulness and natural beauty. It’s a beer made by a woman for women; a beer that will with every sip remind you of how exceptional you are. Toss away all preconceptions and be yourself.

Aurosa #beerforher- 11° semi-dark lager 4,5% alcohol 330 ml